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Welcome to is a family friendly website promoting Independence, Kansas to the world.  Businesses, organizations and churches within the Independence area will be listed on this website, upon request.  (Some restrictions may apply)  For your free listing click here. Q&A
Who owns and hosts  The domain is owned by and hosted by Lookinglass Sales & Services, an internet based company in Independence, Kansas owned by Tom & Kathy Schwarz.
How do I get my business & organization listed on  All businesses, organizations & churches in Independence, Kansas may have a listing on this website (some restrictions may apply).  If you qualify, go to the Free Listing page and follow the instructions.
Is there a cost for being listed on  No, there is no cost for your Free Page on this website.  The only catch is that you will be asked to edit and update the content of your page.  Don't worry, it's easy to do.  It's all fill in the blank.
Is my page on a replacement for having my own website?  No, regardless of who maintains or hosts your website, it's our opinion that every business and most organizations need a website. is a tool that helps bring everyone together.
Can I advertise on  No, not at this time.  We may offer advertising in the future but we're still working through various related issues.  For example, if this is a website for and maintained by everyone in Independence, who would receive the income created by paid ads.  Update: In an effort to help cover the costs of the website we have added some google ads.  If you are interested in advertising on this website please email me at and I will send you information so you can advertise on this website.
Why do some of the pages look empty or incomplete?  We attempted to pre-load as much information as we had access to but there are only so many hours in a day.  The best thing is for you to help promote this website to everyone you know so we can have a complete index of Independence?
What is the calendar all about?  It's our goal to have a true community calendar so you can easily figure out what is going on around Independence at any given time.  However, it's only as complete people around Independence make it.  If events are missing contact those in charge of the event and ask them to add them to this website.
I have garage sale type items to sell.  Can I list them on  You can list most items in our classified section.  At this time, listing your items is free.  Click Here for more information.
My business needs employees.  Can I job openings on   Yes, most job openings may be listed on  Click Here for more information about our Help Wanted section.
Are you ever going to include News Articles on  We would love to work with local individuals and businesses to provide quality news items on the website.  If you are interested in helping, please contact us for more information.

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