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Independence, Kansas Free EMail
To all Independence, Kansas residents and those that have very strong ties to Independence, Kansas, we are offering Free email accounts.  To create your new account click on the Free EMail Account link below.  This offer is limited to Independence, Kansas residents and those with close ties to Independence.
Your account has only a few limitations.  We ask that you never send large attachments and you never use this account in any way to send spam email and/or any other type of mass emails without specific permission from the managers of this website.
This offer is only available to Independence, Kansas Residents

Due to abuse by spammers from around the world new accounts will not be instantly available.  Please wait 24 hours before using your new account.

Common Sense Restrictions do apply and will be posted here as needed. Free EMail Account Rules & Restrictions
  1. One EMail Account Per Person
  2. EMail older than 90 days will be deleted by the system
  3. Don't send email to more than a few people in a single email
  4. Do not send any advertising/spam email using this account
  5. Abuse of this free account is prohibited

EMail Client (Outlook, Outlook Express) Settings
User Name:  (Use your entire email address)
Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
(you may need to use your Internet providers SMTP server)

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